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Study Shows $1,200,000 Cost


Study describes the BLM horse roundups at $77,000,000 yearly!

BLM wild horse program slammed in National Academy of Sciences report

An independent report released today by The National Academy of Sciences is critical of the Bureau of Land Management’s oversight of free-ranging horses and burros on federal public lands in the western United States and urges changes to its current roundup policies.

Read the full Story via Carson Now – Carson City’s Newspaper

Carson City Nevada News - Carson Now


What’s it All About?

One person alone has just a small voice, but together, we can make a HUGE noise!

There is a battle going on in this country that most of America doesn’t know about. To many it might not be important because it doesn’t affect them. But dominoes fall with a nudge to just one tile.  The Wild Horse debate isn’t just a bunch of cry-baby horse lovers against a bunch of hard working ranchers. It’s about good or evil; right and wrong, and human compassion versus human corruption.

Wild horses were once revered and the herds of these horses were once huge. The Wild Horse’s plight began when humans decided they’d make good pet food. The horses were hunted down and dragged, injured and terrified to slaughter in numbers. Everywhere across the West, hundreds of thousands of wild mustangs and are being legally harvested, chased, or harassed each year. Only a few are adopted; if not adopted, they face slaughter.

girl with horse

Rescue shelters and organizations across the country have joined in the fight to help save them.

• Write a letter asking your Congress-person to vote to protect the horse.

• Volunteer or donate, or adopt a wild horse if you have a farm or ranch.

Together, we must ensure that future generations of American people will be able to enjoy and love wild mustangs as living treasures.

I hope you will share my voice in the battle to save the wild horses.



Wild Horse Annie


 This is the story of Velma Johnson and her fight to save the Mustang

“In 1950, Velma Johnston, a shy Nevada ranch wife, came upon a horse trailer leaking blood. When she discovered the destination of the trailer and its occupants—a trio of terrified and badly injured wild horses—she launched a crusade that eventually reached the halls of Congress and changed the way westerners regard and treat the bands of mustangs and burros that roam their region. Wild horses continue to be the subject of bitter controversy in the West. Velma Johnston, who became known as “Wild Horse Annie,” undertook to stop the removal of wild horses and burros from US public lands and protect them from the worst aspects of mustang.”

To read more about Annie’s crusade and purchase the book, visit the site and follow this link at University of Nevada Press.

All The Wild Horses

Act Now to Save
America’s Wild Mustang

A debate over the future of these fine horses continues, daily. Even though the American people value these horses in their natural state, the US government holds more mustangs in captivity than it allows to run free on the range. Rounded up by helicopter, the herds are destroyed.

Your help is needed, now!



Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act

that recognizes them as “living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West” that “enrich the lives of the American people.”

So why are these testaments to our heritage being annihilated by our government today? The answer lies in the restraints the commercial interests have on federal public lands policy. It is a quarrel the ranchers and big business have, and their greed and power are determining the future on public lands in the West.

We need to ask and keep on asking; When will the corruption and human greed that is spreading across the vast lands of America like a rampant plague — when will it end?

The full story can be found Government and Industry Are Colluding to Eliminate America’s Wild Horses — Will Sally Jewell Stop Them?


 Travel Channel on Nevada wild horse roundups

Studley punk maneStudley from the Deer Run herd

 ”Carson Now” reader Margie Quirk passed on a Facebook message on November 10, 2013. In the photo is Studley as a young colt. He is the horse who began the controversy with all the horses rounded up in the Deer Run area of Carson City this winter and spring 2013. The feisty youngster, fortunately, is safe now in Colorado.

The Travel Channel aired a segment covering wild horse round ups in Nevada, a show called America Declassified, a part of a segment that as Quirk explained, “This show will let you wild horse lovers see why we fight so hard.”


We MUST take a stand for these American Icons! It is up to us… as a People… as a Nation… to save these magnificent beauties from the terrorizing tortures and inhumane conditions that are leading to their inevitable extinction.

Join us in telling Sally Jewell that we’re counting on her to step in and find a better way forward for America’s wild horses and burros and to fix this broken federal program:

You can submit your comments to:

Sally Jewell
Secretary of the Interior
1849 C Street NW
Washington DC 20240
Phone: 202 208 3100
Email: feedback@ios.doi.gov


Presented By the Cloud Foundation

Jerry recently did a post about an article on the wild horses of the Pryor Mountain Mustang Center. It was due to Ginger Kathrens and the Cloud Foundation that these wonderful wild horses are still alive. Being that it is a lovely Sunday morning here in South East Texas, let us take a break from the news…here is a video of those beautiful mustangs.

People Speak Up

“Citizen’s Pledge To Protect Wild Horses From Abuse”

In a recent article by Wild Horse Education, we rejoice to learn that a Pledge has been created that beckons the public for support by signing their name; a demand for a policy be enacted that will require humane treatment of the wild horses and burros being managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). We also learn that people from across the globe are signing it in record numbers.

The entire system has been broken for over 43 years.  In 1971, the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act was enacted with a principle to dictate ‘humane’ treatment; however, compassion has never been exhibited.

Even with all the microscopic examination the BLM has fronted over the last years, it is still huge a failure. Private profiteers continue to ‘win’ and more and more animals suffer with more confined horses than are free. Ongoing debates and court orders have proved futile as it is the horse that ultimately continues to endure captivity.

In a recent quote, the “BLM will tell you that they have a ‘policy’ for humane handling and that they follow it,” stated Laura Leigh, President and founder of Wild Horse Education (WHE), “But that is far from the truth. After court orders created an undeniable issue with handling, BLM began issuing ‘memos’ that give authority to determine what is right into the very hands that perpetrate the wrong.  It’s insane.”

The truth is not being told. This agency continues to mame, injure and exhaust horses and foal during incomprehensible conditions.

Laura Leigh, has begun a campaign on Facebook and has indicated that,“Thousands of people have already said they have had enough and every day more sign on.” Read the full story at WHE’s Pledge.

The day of inhumane treatment of our wild horses and burros must come to an end. American Mustang Adoptions supports Wild Horse Education’s “action call” and implores of you, all followers, to be a voice for these magnificent animals… please, please join us and TAKE THE PLEDGE.



“Maverick is a Mustang from the Pine Nut HMA in Carson City, NV.  I first spotted him early one morning in August of 2013.  When driving to work on Deer Run Road I spotted him just off the road towards the Deer Run bridge.  I pulled over, thinking he had been abandoned.  I slowly approached him and he flicked his tail and ran off.  I realized then he was wild. That night when I got home he had already wandered the 2 miles down the road and was hanging in the neighborhood near the houses with horses.  He only managed to roam for about 3-4 weeks before people complained and the BLM captured him.  I made arrangements to adopt him after he was gelded, vaccinated and branded.  Although I would rather see him running free, that was not meant to be.”

In the above video, you can see how special and how beautiful wild horses are in Nevada!  You can follow Maverick and Margie on their journey together on Maverick’s Facebook Page.


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