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Our Mission: To streamline adoptions for the 49,000 wild horses now being held in BLM pens and to stop the unnecessary wild horse roundups which accomplish nothing and kill hundreds of horses each year.


“Study Describes the BLM Horse Roundups at $77,000,000 Yearly”

As described in an article in July 2013 in a Nevada newspaper known as Carson Now, “the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Management Program is highly controversial.  Initially intended to lessen the negative impact these wild animals cause to the environment, the program has become a gross mismanagement and a picture of abject failure.

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The process currently used by BLM is a grossly ineffective and inhumane method of round-up, corral and adoption in order to curb the growth of herds. 60 percent, or more than 50,000, wild horses now live in BLM’s holding pens costing us $120,000 per day and increasing with each round-up due to a lack of qualified “adopting parties.”

Cheaper, more humane means of controlling the herds has been available for decades, according to the American Wild Horse Preservation.”


As of mid 2014, there were only 32,000 wild horses left running free. More than 50,000 are being held in captivity after aggressive roundups, often by helicopter.  Fast forward to 2015, we fear the remaining free horse population has diminished significantly.

Many locations and activist groups across the nation have hosted a screening of the documentary “American Mustang.” The film was created to promote a deeper understanding of the troubles facing wild horses in America today.  Watch it and learn what you can do to help be a voice for these magnificent creatures.



Feedlot to Family

…a bittersweet rescue story!

Under the 1971 law, the Bureau of Land Management is supposed to protect wild horses. Despite the law, horse roundups continue because they are a profit-driven enterprise that are permitted by our government and driven by businesses like cattle ranching and extractive industries that want to horse-clear land for mankind’s greed-laden development.

When horses are purchased at auction by buyers intending to kill them, they’re hauled away in double-decker tractor trailers where they are beaten and often blinded with baseball bats to mollify them. After crossing the border into Mexico, the animals are stabbed on each side-an act to tenderize their meat-and immobilized. Workers then saw the horses’ legs off, at the knee and hang them to bleed out-all while the horses are ALIVE! (This is an excerpt, from an article written by Missy Diaz)

♥♥♥ This is the story of Lola, a speckled grey mustang who was offered for sale by horse traders in November 2013. She might have been bought from an auction; there is no real certainty about her past. The horse traders that bought her never gave out information on where she came from or on her background. image

She was likely evaluated and probably seemed to have training or a gentle nature; so the traders at Fallon, NV feedlot hoped if they offered her for public sale she may bring a larger amount than what they would get from shipping Lola to slaughter. Still, they knew if Lola was not rescued, she’d get put on a truck with countless other horses and shipped to Canada or Mexico for that long ride and later, a very cruel death. Continue Reading


Mark Boone Jr speaks against Wyoming attacking wild horses


“The state of Wyoming is attacking wild horses, painting them as pests that are destroying the environment while the real culprits act with impunity in their own best interest,” states Mark Boone Junior.

The horses need a voice.  We need to thank those who speak up.

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Robert Redford: Protect our wild horses

(Reprint: USA Today, 11/3/14)

Horses and I have had a shared existence, personal and professional, for as long as I can remember. And while I carry a strong passion for all horses, my tenacious support for the preservation of habitat for wildlife and the American mustangs derives from their symbolic representation of our national heritage and freedom.

Any infringement on their legally protected right to live freely is an assault on America’s principles. The varied and subjective interpretation of laws intended to protect these animals on our public lands, continues to leave wild horses under attack. Continue Reading

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